Welcome to street metal concepts!

Street Metal Concepts is a final destination for it's creators, employees, and customers alike. This is a breed of company representing years of industry experience from all perspectives and applying it to an ultimate product as one. Only the highest level of quality and craftsmanship is executed by this name, as well as, attention to service and customer experience. Making the decision to have an automobile of your dreams custom crafted will be rewarding throughout the entire build process and continue for years after completion. We love expressing our skill and passion and are happy to pass that experience along to the person who has given us the honor to do so. The work ethic that is so proudly boasted here directly translates to unmatched build times with fit and finish that very few can claim. Trendsetting style and innovation combined with precise detail and engineering is what we do.

For Donald Endonino and I, Zip Simons, it all started out in 1989. We were skateboarders that hung out at the Skate Shack, a local hub for all that were into the sport. Our friend Mike Kennedy and his father Bruce, owned the store. Mike was a couple years older than us and had his license. He was heavily into mini trucks and always had magazines laying around the shop. There was something about how different those trucks looked that made us gaze in amazement. Mike, of course, was the first to have custom vehicles; to witness it in person for the first time was literally a life changing experience. Don and I grew up with fathers that had a passion for all things automotive, yet they loved the muscle and classic era. While our focus may have came from mini truckin, we think the spirit of power initiated our passion. They truly laid the groundwork for a deep interest to take hold. They were after all from the days of shutting down public roads to host full blown drag racing events. The stories we heard about them were too intriguing not to notice. Over the years, our tastes have soared through many avenues. From vintage Ferrari concours restorations to exotic customs with endless one off designed and fabricated parts. We have structural knowledge gained from ICAR engineered procedures along with the most modern techniques that extend the life of a restoration. We look at our business as a practice. Everyone who participates is trying to do their very best at perfecting their craft. We hope to gain the trust and respect of all in that our goal is true. We have an extensive network of trusted people and companies enabling us to accommodate multiple builds without compromising quality or efficiency. This is a small company with a complete growth plan in place. we hope to create jobs that people are happy and proud to be a part of.

The incredible magnetism that the automobile holds is comparable to none. The endless dreams surrounding every aspect of the car hobby fuel a real passion unique to each individual enthusiast. At Street Metal Concept, we build your dream car, not ours. Even our production cars can be ultra-personalized to meet the customers unique vision.

If you wish to have your dream fulfilled at Street Metal Concept, we will deliver. Our specific mission is to make your journey to achieving your dream an enjoyable one. Our specific goal is to uphold a true sense of pride and work ethic within our company. This is done by empowering each of our team members to be the craftsmen they so desire. Everyone on our street team is an equally valuable part of the process. We take great pride in our work and the result is happy car people on all sides. We build cars because we love to. You get what you expect.